Youth Clubs in Offaly.

A youth club is a place where young people can meet and enjoy activities such as football, pool or basketball, and are usually run in a community centre.

Many youth clubs are set up to provide young people within an area with activities designed to keep young people active, and give them a job and an interest in activity.

Youth Clubs and Projects are open to all people aged 7-18 and are places where you can go to meet your friends, make new friends, and learn or try new activities, some of which may be completely new to you.

Young people can drop in to a youth club centre any time and are welcome by the youth leaders or volunteers working there. Youth leaders will encourage you to join in the club's programmes. You could learn a new skill like music or computing, or possibly plan a trip away.

Young people are also able to relax and listen to music or play pool, table tennis and much, much more - there are often activities specifically for girls and young women.

Many youth clubs/projects will have information leaflets available to help you if you have a problem at school or home as youth workers are there to listen.

Below are a list of organisations that offer youth clubs to young people in Offaly.



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Foroige Clubs

Midlands Regional Youth Clubs